Industrial COntrols

Test, troubleshoot and inspect electrical, electronic assemblies and systems.Electronic and computer de-bug of automation equipment development projects.
Assist Controls Engineers with machine start up and de-bug. Assist engineering with limited electrical and electronic controls design and/or parts specifications.Provide feedback regarding electrical design, quality, schedule, conformance standards and time estimates to complete projects.


Business consulting

At Axiom, we offer a variety of consulting services ranging from operations, marketing, organizational strategy and financial advice.  If you're looking for a company you can partner with to assist you in any one of these areas then please talk to us.  We look forward to becoming the long term partner you've been looking for.

it networking & support 

We've worked with many different network configurations and can work with you in securing your computer and network. Our educated and highly trained team can determine the language needed, whether it's Windows, Linux, XML, C++ or other common software languages, to seamlessly configure your network for maximum efficiency and security.

project management

Project management includes all of the services we provide. Whether it's arranging for inspections, installing industrial equipment, scheduling trucking services, providing engineers and more,the diversity of skills we possess allow us accomplish virtually any project both large and small. No matter what your need, we are confident we have the experience and resources to get it done.